Honduras I2US members

This Group is for ones that have loved ones in or from Honduras that is going through this tough immigration process we need all the support we can get so please any questions you have and helpful hints you can give please do we all need it ♥♥♥

Guidelines: (aka rules)
1) Please don't advise someone about legal matters regarding immigration. You may explain your experience but do not ever advise someone they do not need a lawyer when applying for permanent residency.
2) No drama is allowed. If you have a problem with another member block them or pm a admin. No bullying other members.
3) Stay active in the group. If you never post, comment or like anything you could be removed.
4) Do not block the admins.
5) Have fun. Make new friends and enjoy this group.
6) Don't talk about another member of this group or any other group on here.
7) Don't copy and paste pics, comments or anything from this group.
8) Think before you post. Don't hijack someone else's post. Stay on subject.
9) Don't say racist or derogatory words or terms. Example fag, illegal, just anything derogatory like that. Please think about who all might be in the group before posting. Thanks
10) Please don not advertise products you are selling or anything of that nature unless you talk to an admin first.
11) Do not talk about what goes on in this group in another group or the members. If you are caught you will be banned.

Admins are Nikki Varela, Christina Alves-Avila, Shanta Barnes-Alfaro, Amy Sanchez and Tamara Hamlin-Amador