Charlotte-Olivet-Bellevue Buy and Sell

1.This group serves Charlotte, Olivet, and Bellevue. All ads must state "pick up in" whatever of the 3 cities you live in...or "will meet in" whichever of the 3 cities works best for you.

2. No bumping more than every 24 hours. This includes commenting on your own ads, unless you are answering a question posted on it.

3. NO FCFS posts...they will be removed. Seller must go in order of who commented they were interested. Give 24 hours for the interested person to set up a meeting, since
they may be at work and not online at the moment. If they haven't been in touch in 24 hours, then move on to the next interested person. ***Sending a pm to the seller, or asking a question about an item, or tagging someone else to an item, DOES NOT put you (or the one you tagged) in line for the item. You must put either "WANT" or "INTERESTED" to hold your spot in line for that item.*** SINCE IT WAS POINTED OUT THAT FCFS and POOS would work the same way, we won't do the POOS anymore either.

As a buyer, you should expect to pick up the item within 2 days max...seller is not required to hold items longer than that unless they just want to. If you can't do the 2 days, find a friend or family member that can pick it up for you, or pass.

4. If you block the admins, you will be removed.

5. Don't bring drama to the group or admins will remove you. Conduct yourselves as adults and be fair. I don't have tolerance for drama and games. If you see someone causing drama, use the "report to admin" drop down option, and we will see
it faster and deal with it.

6. If you don't like the rules, then find a different group to use. The location rule is that way to keep it a close range on purpose, and is enforced. Yes, we remove ads that don't have the location info as spelled out here. Yes, we remove ads that say FCFS, NO HOLDS, POOS, Xposted. Arguing with the admins will not change the group rules, so if you can't abide by them, just move on to a different group that suits you better. There are lots of choices out there.

UPDATE 9-25-14 to further clarify a situation that arose today for the first time. If someone posts an album with several items in it that you are interested in, click the individual pics of the items you want and put "interested" or "want" there, not just putting "Interested in several items" out on the album (unless you specify which exact items you want there) so it's obvious which items you are speaking for.