Auckland University Animal Rights Group

This is a group for anyone wanting to make a difference for animals.

The objectives of the Association are:
To raise awareness relating to issues of animal rights and welfare in New Zealand and the world
Topromote animal friendly practices (such as veganism, volunteer work)
To provide a discussion setting for club members to raise issues/concerns pertaining to animal rights/welfare
To provide support to club members through the use of workshops etc.
To assist in the improvement of animal rights/welfare in New Zealand and elsewhere

Scope: A focus on the exploitation of all non-human animals including marine life.

Possible examples of events are:
-Fundraising for causes such as The Animal Sanctuary by selling baking (baking stalls etc.)
-Guest speakers from organisations such as SAFE
-Cooking demonstrations or classes
-Movie screenings
-Discussion evenings
-Field trips (such as working bees at animal sanctuaries)
-Collecting signatures for petitions