Free Daily Psychic Tarot Readings -

Thank you for taking the time to check out my group.

My name is Sharon Mitchell and I am a Clairsentient Psychic. I work with the Tarot and My Spirit Guides to answer any questions you may have regarding your life and the people around you.

I specialise in looking into people that are in your life now, or have been, to give you information as to how they feel about you and how they would like any situation to develope between you. I can also tell you what they're next probably move will be. For example, when they will communicate and how.

By Joining this group, you will receive news of monthly special offers on all telephone readings. I usally run an offer each month around the end/beginning, where a telephone reading with me will be up to 50% less than the usual rate. For example, my normal charge is £1 per minute, at discount offer time, it may be just 50p per minute.

As part of the group, you will also receive a free daily reading via email. Daily if work committments allow, but usually around 3 times per week. In these readings, I will introduce a card for you (either oracle or tarot), give the 'text book' meaning and then do a short psychic reading for that day. Please note that it will be for the general group, but will also have meaning in your life, although you may at times have to look a little closer as to whats going on for you, to understand it. At other time, you will see that the meaning resinates with your life there and then, and that is when it will mean the most to you.

The readings are designed to give you the truthful information about your current situation and so empower you to make the choices which are right for you and your life experience. Legally, I have to inform you that readings are for entertainment purposes only and it is your responsibility as to how you use the information I channel for you.

All readings are conducted with complete confidentiality and compassion. It is my pleasure to help you and you can always rely on me to be non judgemental and straight forward.


07986556408 TO ARRANGE A TIME.

Readings take place on a uk landline, not on a mobile, which I will give to you at the time of booking.

Readings are charged at £1 per minute (*the minimum reading is 15 minutes) at normal times and payment is made via debit card at the time of the call, but if you wish you may also transfer money using a paypal account to:

I hope you will enjoy being part of this group and I look forward to speaking with you very soon.

Peace and Love and Light

Sharon x