IERTians - Let's Connect

Rephrased on 24th October, 2014 !!!

Before sending request to j...oin this group, please update your Facebook profile with details of your study at IERT and make it visible to us, otherwise your request may get simply ignored in this world where we receive many fake requests from fake profiles.

This is an open group for folks who studied (or studying) at IERT Allahabad.

This group intends to connect IERTians and bring them all on a single platform who cherish the life lived at IERT.

To make the life more lively, we have started to held a meet once in a year on a location chosen conveniently and agreed by majority of folks.

In 2013, on 26th Oct, we executed a meet at Noida which was full of fun and energy. In 2014, on 13th Sept, we executed similar meet at Kanpur.

If you have any query, please write us at or send me message, we would be more than happy to respond you.

Thank you, Keep Smiling...