Albany/Corvallis/Lebanon Plus Size Garage SAle


This group is ONLY to be used for buying, selling or trading LEGAL items, I am NOT responsible for any deal in this group. Please use this group at your own risk

This group is not to offend anyone of any shape or size. I thought I would make it because I am tired of only seeing small shirts or even xs. and size 0 pants all the time. I thought it would be nice to find clothes that actually fit and not be teased about our sizes of clothes or what not.


Please add other people to make our options of clothing/misc. become bigger :)))

If you start trouble, you're banned no questions asked.

All sold items must be deleted.

In order to keep this page neat and clean please delete your item once it has been sold. (((Or ask me to Delete it)))

No smack talking and no bullying

This isn't an auction site so please don't try to "outbid" anyone once they have shown interest.

Please add your location in your posts.

Please only bump things 1x every 3days!!

No slander of any sort. or you will be banned.

No illegal items.

Treat others the way you wanna be treated

If you have lots of stuff you can make an album for them.

you may post as much as you like!
if you have any questions or comments or concerns please feel free to ask.