Calgary Edgemont & Surrounding N.W. Areas Community Group

Welcome !! This group is set out for residents of Edgemont & Surrounding N.W. areas. The main emphasis for our group should be placed upon community unity and secondly networking purposes. Professionalism is of utmost importance. We as admins would like for our group to be flexible & fun therefore have decided to set out guidelines rather than rules as well as simplicity in lay out without requirment to post to albums. We also post polls to allow for our members to participate in group structure. Flexibility in a variety of participation such as :

- Community Events/Groups
- Buy/Sell/Trade
- Free Items & Items Needed (ISO)
- Business Networking
- Pet related
- Auctions we highly reccomend our sister group " North West Calgary Auctions " however we ask all members to read and follow their guidelines when participating !!
Please find their link in our groups album as well

Posting guidelines are as follows:

- Owners will primarily be in charge of rehoming items including to whom item will go to, if FCFS (first come first serve) or cross posted please state.
- Please be as specific as possible including photos, price, description, location, bin system, fcfs or cross posting. If not specific enough, you may be notified to edit your post.
- Maximum 3 posts per day, if you have many items, group together in one post please. All posts no longer available please remove
** - Business posts : one post per week, whichever day is most convenient for you. Be sure to include whether or not you are licensed & Insured as well as adding to business albums for members future reference. We apologize however we can no longer support diet/health supplements for various reasons should you have questions around this please msg admin
- Rehoming of pets will be accepted as long as complete vaccination/medical records are provided and if not clearly state so. Lost & Found pets are encouraged
- Car seats must include photo of serial # & manufacture date, none prior to 2013
- We will not be willing to accommodate posts which are distasteful or illegal
- Keep your word and be honest and reasonable please

Any concerns which arise must be reported immediately and will be handled amongst admin without public display in order to prevent negativity or drama which will not be tolerated.

Last but not least, we strongly encourage consideration of safety around all transactions (ideal to meet in public place or not alone) Admin will not be held liable for any type of transactions that occurred, buyers beware. If any form of concern should arise it needs to be reported to admin immediately. Administration of this group are Sherilyn Sieben-Clark & Penny Green.