"Small" mistakes of Stephen Hawking

This is a group for philosophy of theoretical physics, based on general approach, defining terms like reality, chance, time, space, reality, etc., and using them for understanding of physics.

(Disclaimer: Everything will be considered as brainstorming, otherwise is marked as STATEMENT.)

Albert Einstein had to change definition of time, space, and gravity to create new physics. Without understanding the core of terms reality, time, and change, it is impossible to do big steps in physics even today.

The owner of the group will present here his original ideas, based on his own methodology named as "relatively infinite relatively fractal phenomenology" (RIRFP).

The core of the conception is idea, that we live in our world, which is only projection of infinitive surroundings. Even the new unified theory will be only a simplified image of much wider and deeper super-universe We are like fishes in a round aquarium, still seeing only projections on the aquarium walls.

We will have forever 0% of the full information, even if we can recognize more and more without any insuperable boundaries. It is because the world is endless is "structure". This has no connotation to the God.

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