Foreign Women in Turkey... sharing info, ideas and opinions.

DEAR MEN: Sorry in advance... your requests to join will not be approved. Approval requirements... WOMEN living in Turkey, just as the name suggests. THIS IS NOT A SINGLES PAGE. Blessings and thank you for trying. ;)

DEAR WOMEN: Welcome! :) Please introduce yourselves when you have a minute. We've grown far more than I had ever expected and, introductions will help us all get to know one another and perhaps help you make friends locally, whichever region you're in.
*** NO CENSORSHIP HERE.*** Be careful with your words and, how you express your beliefs and opinions. Words can hurt. A LOT. I can assure you, if you're trying to convince / persuade someone of a different view, saying shitty things, personal attacks and name-calling are probably not the way to get them to listen.
I have created this group because TOGETHER we share a great deal of valuable information with each other. I would like this to be a place where we can comfortably share information and, express our ideas and opinions. Please help us grow. Love and light to all.