XBOX 360 Modding

(1) Do not di...srespect any Admin

(2) No Asking For Free Mods, Could lead to a Ban, We as modders have to pay alot more than a regular xbox user does to get online. any asking for free mods gets you one chance to not do it again. PERIOD.

(3) If you want to get on the legit list, Inbox an Admin.

(4) No advertising any other groups

(5) No Posting Shit links on the page!

(6) No post hijacking this means trying to low ball anyone on a POST, First come first serve. This will not be tolerated at all!
(_360 Modding Admins_)

- DarkDollars Modz - Owner
- Garvin Lambert- Co-Owner

(360 Modding Legit List)

- Aaron Lee Coelho
- Garvin Lambert
- Zay Gee
- Steven Peters
- Brady Vera
- David Gallo
- Brandon Walker
- Erkan Berzimehr
- Michael Helman
- Nathaniel Shenheizer
- William Neuman
- Jack Tough
- Xex J Modz
- Luke Murgatroyd Anthony
- Kay Vee
- Jerry R Johnson

Legit Kv Sellers.

- Garvin Lambert
- Kay Vee

Legit and Trusted Computer Repair/Virus Removal & PC Tune Ups

Jerry R Johnson

Scammer List.

-Brent Boezman / Gizmo Modz

- Austin Blount
- Marcus Modz/Norway Modz
- Reece Miller
- Dustin Cabassa