The House of Terriers

This group has been created by me and my crew . We wanted to get to know all of you as most of you know all of us. We welcome new friends everyday with new stories.
We ALL love animals and ALL are welcome we just want to have fun! Please be kind to your fellow friends and treat them as you would want to be treated. This is a HAPPY page, there are plenty of other pages to post sad stories, keep them there. It's simple, If we see something we don't think is nice/'s removed.! If you see something you don't like, just message me. This page doesn't need advertisements and Please DO NOT PROMOTE OTHER GROUPS and advertise other pages! Have fun, post picture, videos and stories! We aren't here to judge anyone, Remember, it's just Facebook. We are adults!!!
We also have an in house Vet, Ken McMillan with 29 years of experience here as well. He will do his best to answer any questions you may have. Just tag him in your post. Happy posting.

Monday~ More of Me (pictures)
Tuesday~ Tongues, Ties ,TuTu's & Treats!
Wednesday~ wacky
Thursday~ Throw it back
Friday~ Frog leg day/ Pizza @ night!!!!!
Saturday~ Selfie!!!
Sunday~ Sleep In!

You are now a HOT mom and or a HOT dad with a HOT DOG!!
WELCOME to H.O.T.! ~ Debra