Old Woking Send And Ripley Selling Site

Welcome to your local selling site.

This site is for people in old Woking and the surrounding areas to post their clutter and unwanted items. Either for sale or to give away.

Thank you for joining this site and I hope you find it useful. But please read the rules below, as admin may remove posts without warnings if you do not follow them.

1. No adverts for services or businesses! They will be deleted....
2. No advertising other pages or groups
3. No adverts for animals
4. Please respect other users and admin
5. No "bumping" your items within 24hours
6. Please delete them once sold.
7. When posting please state: PRICE , LOCATION and CONDITION.

Please remember that all transactions and or communication between sellers and buyers are at your own discretion and the group or admins cannot be held responsible for this.

Happy selling / shopping!

And please share this group - the more users the better!!!