Mouwasat Hospital in Dammam is accredited by JCI from December of 2006. The hospital is located on the road to King Fahad International Airport, Ohod District, Dammam, and is distinguished by its building, facilities and the 31,500 sq. meters area on which it is established.

250 beds distributed among the patients' rooms; either one or two beds per room, in addition to the executive suits.
100 Outpatient clinics covering all basic medical specializations.
Eight specialized clinics, working for 16 hours daily.
An established unit for cardiac surgeries and arteries and blood vessels treatment.
A comprehensive and modern radiology department, including X-ray, tomography X, magnetic resonance, breast and jaws scanning devices, ultrasound, and color ultrasound, in addition to an osteoporosis measuring unit. The department provides independent services to referred cases from other hospitals and medical centers in the area; as it is considered to be one of the best in the eastern province.
Complete line of laboratory system (Clinical Chemistry, Hematology,histopathology and (blood diseases) medical laboratory department and histopathology is a comprehensive department that offer services to hospital's outpatient clinics and internal departments. It also provides services related to medical analysis independently to cases transferred from other hospitals and clinics. The labs include a blood bank with sufficient reserve of different blood units for emergency cases.
A recently established IVF Unit in collaboration with Care Fertility Group, UK.

Mouwasat Hospital in Dammam provides various medical programs that aim at offering quality services to its clients. Experienced and highly skilled consultants visit the hospital regularly from many international and regional medical institutions, as:

School of Medicine, Washington, USA
Royal Hospital for Children NHS, Trust, Glasgow, Britain
Parkway Health services, Eagle Glen Hospital, Singapore
King Hussein Medical City, Jordan
Montreal University, Canada
School of Medicine, Been, Lasablamay, Canary Islands

Mouwasat Hospital in Dammam provides its services to a wide base clients, including Saudi Aramco staff and their families since 1996, and the Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Company (SABIC) staff and their families since 1988, in addition to the insurance companies licensed by the Cooperative Health Insurance Council ("CHIC"), the Public Institution for Social Insurance, and Saudi Arabian Airlines.