Namibia's gay dating grounds

Gay people becomes so emotional an when someone makes a Statement about gays,b it True or False,they go way out to crucify the person. You all cry bout Gay Rights,Freedom of Speech an this an that but when someone Speak about a matter they get 'stoned'. I tested you all and played devils Advocate and O! My word,what sorryfull nonsens some of you argued about. It is so easy to get you guys emotional,so damn easy. You all failled dismally. Here some facts but then again those narrow minded will always argue. Fact: gay men cheat more then str8 men. Fact: gay men fuk randomly. Fact: gay men lie to their partners. Fact: gay men,relationsips don't last long. Fact: handsome,sexi,well to do gay men Detest ugly,fat poor gay men. Why ,so many gay men lonely? Cause they never find true honest gay men. I wonder honestly how many of u cheat or your partners an who was cheated on,to many to count I pressume. Go read each others Great Wall Post an see how many of you are looking for Only a botom or top or vers or hookup. So me where words like Love,HoneSty Lonterm on your Walls. Its not there cause it don't exist in your vocabs. So please don't point fingers go sort your selfs. Its all bout Dick and Ass. The gay community likes to voice their opinion about matters when suits them. So tell me what's the difference between Gays and Prisons, not much hey, they also jus want dick and ass. I know most of you on a personal and friendship level and some of you comment on my post as if you so Pure an Righteous... Stargayzers is a wonderfull place to sit and watch all you Honest Good Exampilary Gay men... Hell Have No Furry(hope my spelling is right) Like a Horny Gay guy , even whilSt their boyfrends are present they cheat. So please Relax and don't Limit yourself. Viva to all the Honest True Gay Men.