Casa Grande Buy and Sell

There are basically no rules. (Well...maybe a couple) ***ADMINS OF GROUP ARE TANYA MONIQUE ,AND DFLOYD HILLIS

BUYER BEWARE: Check out any item before you buy, plug it in, test it! Remember, you are not going to be guaranteed your money back if it does not work.

GOLDEN RULE: Treat others how you want to be treated.

Anything without a description or price is automatically deleted to avoic cluttering the group. Also, please post your item/ad once and bump.

Members from surrounding areas are welcome, please consider:
Be flexible. This is a group for the Casa Grande area, pick up only items must be in Casa Grande, met for in or near Casa Grande at agreed upon location with seller and buyer.

Things that are not allowed to be sold in the group: Items that must be ordered from a company website or catalog (ItWorks, Plexus, Avon, etc), any illegal items that under law cannot be bought and sold by an individual. If you aren't sure if you can sell your item here, ask an admin, we are happy to help.

If you make an appointment, please stick to it or get in touch to cancel. If you fail to stick to your appointments too frequently, do not communicate or do not have an explanation for missing your appointment, you will be removed.

We do not tolerate rudeness! If you are rude to another member you will get one warning. If you are rude when you get your warning or rude any time after your warning, you will be removed and banned. Just be nice. Do not comment or message a member in order to hinder another's sale. You wouldn't want this done to you.

Do not skip people who are interested. Please remember that a COMMENT puts you in line for an item, not a PM. Who comments interested first, is first in line, who comments second, is second in line & so on. Wait a reasonable amount of time for the person to respond. A reasonable amount of time would be 1-2 hours. If you must sell quickly put "no holds" in your description. If you must move on from the first person in line before the reasonable time is up, let them know, send a polite PM. Be patient, not everyone has internet 24/7. If someone makes an appointment with you and doesn't show up, send a PM letting them know you are moving on.

If someone mistakenly PMs you to let you know that they are interested in your item, please remember to comment on your post that it is "PPU" or "Pending Pick Up".

OBO means you can make an offer for a lower price, if it is not in the post, do not make unreasonable offers. Just play fair.

This group and it’s administrators are not responsible for any item bought or sold on this site or transaction. The group and it’s administrators are not responsible for any accidents or injuries that may result from any item bought on this page. Items carry no warranty - written, expressed or implied.