C.S Lewis Longview Hangout

To capture and formulate some of my thoughts I've started up a new blog. If any of you are interested in delving into my mind and getting a piece of it, please do. I would love to hear feedback and would love to see people dialoguing in the "comments" section. Everyone is radically equal and important in my view, which is why I tend to align myself with pirates, a people who were by and large, great pioneers of democracy and cooperative deliberation. Pirates were grossly evil in most respects but they had interesting ways of doing things that can be repurposed for good ends. I'll probably be talking about pirates more later, but in my view, everyone is important because God made everyone, hence I am not a pirate, per se, but rather something more like a Christian pirate. I've been called something like a catholic, communist, pirate . . . all self proclaimed, of course. How accurately I've accurately described myself I am not sure, but I have humorously described myself and I think the description at least hints at something. "Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly," said G. K. Chesterton, and that is the hope here. Check it out! Peace, my friends.