FOR SALE Gawler SA and Surrounds

A place for locals to buy and sell unwanted goods One mans trash... is another mans treasure :) or woman's !!!!
If advertised on other pages please post this in your ads so others know when posting sold or nil.
Please post photos and clear description of price and location remove adds once sold and bump up your add after a week :)
please if you have more than 4 items to place in group, make an album, you can make 1 post with max of 6 items in comments.
A few little things for members.
No blocking of admin you will be removed asap
Businesses PLEASE only post ur page once a week, group is getting filled. there is a fle for all businesses to post.
Best of all good luck with your selling anr buying.
Any business post- post once every 2 weeks, during this time u may ad a post for Ur items but no business tags.
All photos in post must be of item you are selling not from a website. Will only ask once to change.
Any problems please contact admin. Kathryn