Out of town SF Giants fans!!!

This group was started with the intention of uniting all of the SF Giants fans stretching from AT&T Park to the far reaches of the planet! Don't get me wrong everyone living in and around San Francisco are welcome! I would never turn down a Giants fan! But now there is a common place for all of us "out of towners" to come and talk GIANTS BASEBALL. Since we aren't regularly able to join our amazing home crowd who continues to sell out the beautiful ballpark every night....there's a place HERE where WE can go and make some noise too! A place to cheer and root for our team during the season....a place to discuss managerial decisions and trade deadlines and salaries and awesome plays....a place to share pictures and stories of games we actually made it too both home or away....and a place we talk shop, hunting, workouts, winter meetings, free agents or anything else during the offseason! WELCOME "Out of Town SF Giants Fans!!!" 2014 is going to be a great year! GO GIANTS!