Colgate Class of 1987

OK Friends! Your help is needed! My darling wife Megan will be running in the NY Marathon this coming weekend, in support of the Women's Sports Foundation. Simply put, we need your $$$. Megan has already done 2 marathons, so this is not a bucket list thing. She chose this race, and this charity because the work is so important, so vital. If you are a woman, husband, daughter, mother, athlete, couch potato, or just a friend please visit their web site to understand why this work is so critical. Most of my friends are athletes- how has sport changed your life? What and where would you be without your athletic life? Can we ensure that every girl everywhere has the best opportunity to shine on the field, court, ice, water, road, and boardroom? If so, then please help Megan help the WSF. Any amount is so helpful and pushes Megan towards her goal (as an aside, I am amazed at the dedication and juggling Megan has done to get this race in her grasp. Working full time at Dartmouth College Athletics, a mom, wife and logistician par excellance leaves little time left, yet, she's logged the miles and hours to get it done. Honestly, if I had half of her dedication, I'd be in Kona by now!!!) Here's the link: