Bahrain Classifieds

Online free classified for people in bahrain for buying and selling items and products!

You guys can promote your business and can advertise about your business here in order to make people aware of your businesses..This group is for everybody is welcome :)

Classifieds Policy
Bahrain Classifieds is a free service for both buyers and sellers. It is primarily a service for individuals selling second hand goods or whatever you wish to sell.Please remember to be honest and trustworthy in your dealings with other members, and to show courtesy and consideration of their privacy
Bahrain classifieds can take no responsibility for either the nature of the goods advertised, or the validity of the buyer/seller. We hope, however, that our community can all participate this service with integrity.
The group is open for Everyone!♥
Any teen's mum doesnt allow her she can use her mum's id and carry on with the dealings with her mum's permission!

You are responsible for your acts,for any misuse there would be serious consequences!

For Sellers
• Provide item age and condition. please include as much relevant information as possible about your item
• Provide location of item.
• Provide asking price of item.
• Maintain high safety procedures if you are receiving people at your place, your safety and security is your own responsibility
• Remove/Post Sold, once your item is sold
• Users are allowed to post UNLIMITED pictures a day, as you delete the ones you posted earlier
• Avoid ppl who are like pls reserve and then dont show up or dont bother even to inform..better use first come first serve policy!♥
•pm ur numbers and addresess..dont give it openly..and for teens ask ur mums first and then do anything..if u guys need any help,i'm always here so feel free to pm me :) ♥

For Buyers
• Clearly state what you are looking for.
• Consider including price you are willing to pay
• Maintain high safety procedures if you are picking up items from people places, your safety and security is your own responsibility
stalkers would be avoided completely