LACHSA Alumni Association

Hello Everyone!

My name is Elaine Rasmussen and I am the LACHSA... Alumni Association (LAA) Board Chair.

We've got a new webpage. Check it out! Tell us what you think.

The primary goal of our organization is to provide scholarships to alumni and students as well as create networking and support opportunities among alumni.

Vision: The LACHSA Alumni Association envisions a permanent network & system of support, encouraging and promoting the furthering of the entire LACHSA Community!

Mission: To provide resources, inspiration & support to Alumni, fostering lifelong, artistic, intellectual, & emotional connections and commitment to LACHSA, each other, and the Arts!

The LAA Board of Directors is made up of Alumni and an Advisory committee. The Board of Directors meets every month and manage the association's funds, reunion opportunities and anything else you might want the Association to consider doing to support you in your work in and out of the arts.

Feel free to email me your ideas, criticisms and suggestions:

See you out there,