Khadija is daughter of our friend and colleague and brother Mohammed Omar. Khadija while playing outside her home in Kongowea on the 17th January 2001 at the age of 1 year 3 months was run over by a runaway Matatu. She was rushed to hospital where they found that her leg had been badly injured.
She spent three weeks in Hospital after which she had a skin grafting operation to cove the area. However the injury was greater than perceived. In 2003 she was taken to India for an operation to adjust the bones that seemed not to be healing properly. In 2007 she had a similar operation and in 2008 went to have the supporting rings removed(see the pictures). She is now a 12 year old girl but the challenge of going into teenage with her leg in this condition might affect her studies. She is in need of Kshs 2.5Million for corrective surgery to take place in India. Lets come out and support this little angel. Let Khadija Walk again.