I am a descendant of a survivor of the Armenian Genocide!

I am a descendant. My grandfather was 4 years old when the sad and tragic event of 1915 happened to the Armenians. The Armenians suffered great violence and were deported from their homes and were raped, killed during their deportation. Justice has not been served but it will!

I encourage you all to join this group, invite your friends and write the story of your grandparents. Their voices have to be heard throughout the world.


- Lack of respect;
- Biased arguments;
- Unrelated articles;

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion and each of you should tolerate each others' words.

This group is growing day by day and many people from different ethnic backgrounds are joining it in order to support and discuss over Human Rights. No one should be subjugated due to their beliefs, skin color, culture, etc. Whether you are a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist, a Zoroastrian, an Atheist, etc. keep everything clean between each other. Any degrading comments posted by a member of this group will result in the Admins removing the comment and banning the member.