One Jack Walker (Blackburn Rovers)

This site is here for ALL Blackburn Rovers fans to air their views, opinions, thoughts, memories and anything else Rovers! Please feel free to add your friends and family to this group!

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Group Guidelines:

• Please try to be courteous to other users. Do not threaten or harass others.
• Forms of prejudice including but not limited to disability, racism, ageism and sexism will not be tolerated.
• Profanity is allowed, just don't go over board/attack others personally. Please treat others with the respect you would expect to be treated with.
• Please post in English. Whilst we are a very diverse group with fans from all around the world, a translation to English is required.
• Do your credibility when engaging with others in debate a favour and try to post in comprehensible/understandable English. No one can or will stop you from speaking in SMS/text language, 'l33t' speak or any other ill-formatted garbage but do try to avoid it as best as you can.
• Please try to avoid double/triple (and beyond) posting. Be aware that if a post is incorrect you can and should remove it and re-post it with the necessary adjustments.
• Please do not post duplicate threads. Do a quick search of the feed before posting a thread to ensure it is not a duplicate of another established thread. At peak times such as match days, much more lenience on this will be given.
• Necro-Posting (reviving old threads) is allowed, as long as there is something relevant or constructive to add to the thread.
• Spam - Advertising links to external websites and other Facebook pages that are irrelevant to both the topic in progress or the group itself is forbidden without express permission from a group administrator. Accounts that join the group purely to advertise will be instantly and permanently banned.
• Advertisements - Obviously we don't want to see the group clogged up with adverts for cars etc... But if you are a Rovers fan, and would like to list something for sale, please message the admin first before doing so.
• Blocking group admins will result in immediate removal.
• No extreme adult content is allowed. This includes sites containing excessive vulgarity and pornography. All content must be appropriate for users thirteen and up.

Administrators reserve the right to appropriate their own judgement towards anyone deemed to be breaking the rules. Persistent offenders who choose to ignore the rules will be banned indefinitely.

Let's not give Venkys or the negative side of the National Media anything they can encourage to be used as a distraction for their awful management of our club thus far!

~~~~~~WE ARE A FAMILY~~~~~~