Alabaster Citizens Community Board

An open page to allow citizens to discuss events, meetings, business, politics, religion or any thing else affecting our community.

1. This page is NOT for selling things. It is not a classifieds page in any way. If you need something there are places for that sort of thing. If you want reviews then ask about a particular company or opinions of one company over another. If you are looking for services, we have a pinned post for that or you can use the search function on the internet to narrow down your choices.

2. Before you ask something consider using the search engine of your choice. We are not Google so unless it’s a bizarre question or specific to Alabaster or a neighborhood then the internet can probably answer your question. IF GOOGLE CAN ANSWER YOUR QUESTION IN A MINUTE OR LESS THEN YOUR POST WILL PROBABLY BE DELETED.

3. Most information for the city or related to the city can be found at This page is NOT run by the city so please do not solely rely on information here for any decisions based on ordinances, etc.

4. You may post lost and found pets and items but not merely animals needing homes. We are animal lovers but, again, this is not a classifieds page. Post it on your own page or on the classifieds pages – there are hundreds.

5. There will be posts that are merely here for fun. Lighten up and enjoy them as a distraction for your day. If you would rather not be involved with those posts, please feel free to scroll past them at will.

6. No personal attacks will be allowed. You can disagree without name calling. Note, telling someone they are behaving a certain way is not, by default, name calling. If you are unsure or upset, please report the post or message an administrator and we will evaluate.

7. We do not censor this page any more than the average park bench would be censored. We do have a few limits. Do not use the F word, do not use GD, do not post nudity or overly suggestive photos. We are adults so please act like it!

8. If you post something that is already on the page, your post will be deleted. It isn’t personal but there is zero reason for us to have multiple posts of the same things. Take the 30 seconds to see if someone has already shared the topic. The first one will be left regardless of who posted it!

9. Feel free to give reviews – good or bad – about experiences at local businesses, etc. Please note that if you have not spoken to the management or owners of the business you may well be blasted. Again, we are adults and should behave as such. Speak to the person who can make a change before you run to scream to everyone else.

10. Although the name “community” appears in the title of the board, it is run by the administrators of the page. We set the rules, interpret the rules and choose who may or may not be a member of the page. All membership should be considered “at will” and members can and may be removed at any time without explanation.