Carter County Citizens for a Better Way

Carter County Citizens for a Better way is dedicated to exploring issues, monitoring government decision making and promoting open discussion of policies that effect the community.

CCCFBW encourages members to share insights, links and commentary on issues within this group. Members are asked to avoid attacks of a personal nature within the scope of discussions and should expect such remarks to be deleted from the group.

A note about endorsements by the CCCFBW:
This forum is a clearinghouse of ideas. It's purpose is information gathering and sharing. It allows citizens to have a place to investigate topics that affect them. The Grayson Wet/Dry vote has dominated the threads lately and posts from both sides of the issue have been welcome. The CCCFBW does not advocate either position -- wet or dry. In matters of public policy making by government officials, the CCCFBW does call for transparency, honesty and sound financial decision making and will endorse policies to those ends. In the case of the Wet/Dry vote, citizens are choosing for themselves therefore there is no need for CCCFBW to advocate a position.