Org Indo Di SG (Indonesians in Singapore)

Welcome fellow Indonesians and those who want to know everything about Indonesia and Indonesians!!! (btw... we don't like to be called Indon! Just a fyi only basis)

Living in Singapore are not easy for Indonesian these days where the conversion of Rupiah to Sing Dollars are like hmm.. high!!

But somehow, we preservere and constantly improve our way of life in this beautiful island. We would learn their culture like, catching their Singlish soooo easily (right or not?) Then, we would also congregate during the weekends at their foodcourts/hawker centres. Along the way, we meet fellow Indonesians and eat Ayam Penyet, Nasi Padang etc...

Well, for those Indonesians who may miss Indonesia, like the wacky TV ads, the foods, jokes, songs & artists, reading Indo magazine, catching up on Sandiwara Sinetron, and so much more...

This is the group to facilitate the communication and gathering of fellow Indonesians n Singaporeans. And we also welcome people of other age groups who wishes to interact with fellow Indonesians in Singapore.

We are now taking a more active role rather than inactive since our creation in FB.