Free To Collectors Derry/Londonderry

This is a group for the community to look after each other in times of need, Not for people who just show greed, If you have something laying around unused then post it on here pretty please, Lighten the load of someone who's struggling to get by & brighten up their day...

No selling is allowed in the group
No arguing
No giving away of Animals
No constant asking of items, Others need to be able to benefit from the group also in tough times & difficult circumstances, Give them a chance, Sharing is caring...
No being fussy, If you need something you should be grateful no matter what that someone is giving away this item.

Be grateful of others in the group who are generous, kind & giving, Taking away a bit of the stress & pressure you may be going through financially

DO NOT use this group to benefit yourself only & profit from other peoples kindness

But please do keep this group a good one, The community needs each other, Maybe not today, Tomorrow, Next Month or Year even, We all need a bit of help at some point in our lives, we are helping hands together we make a difference

Thank you x