ADIDAS - and Boys in Adidas Only

Fetishes are just as important as herbs and spices making nice tasty food.
No fetishes = no fun or satisfaction.

However, what is a fetish? Fetish is a descendant of French fétichisme; meaning things with a supernatural power, cultivated religiously, used as a purpose for sexual arousal a person receives from a physical object or from a specific situation. With other words; fetishes is what you find attractive or fancy sexually by another person, whether it’s how one looks, are wearing or are doing.

The truth is most people like, have and use fetishes without thinking about it. Looking for a partner some get attracted to long, short, light or dark hair. Some prefer fat or skinny ones, some nice butts, hands or feet, or even being tickled or licked between their toes.

Very often, we look at ones shoes, clothes or accessories that one finds sexually attractive – and all are fetishes or a kind of sexual obsession as long as the “thing” has any connection to a sexual thought or desire. As you see, humanity has used fetishes from the dawn and why stop now?

They use to say; Men like girls dressed in leather because it smells similar to a brand new luxurious car with leather seats and interior. It’s even common to have more than one fetish and there are no limitations to what a fetish can be. It’s been said, if it exists, there is someone with a fetish for it.

However, when you ask somebody if they do you have fetishes, most perceive it as something negative, bad or ugly. Why? What is wrong about thinking a nice butt is attractive? What is wrong by wearing nice shoes, high heels, fancy sneakers, cowboy boots, jeans, denim or even clothes made out of nylon, latex, leather or even rubber? What is wrong if one would like ones partner to be a cheerleader, nurse or even a teacher when having sex?

The truth is that most cultures/religions have had and used fetishes in all ages, and if you read the original text of the Bible or other religious books they neither write about or condemn the use of fetishes. In Christianity, it began with Constantine the Great. When he became Christian he saw the opportunity to get the complete control over his population (even their sex-life) making a connection between the state and the church, proclaiming himself as both Pontifex Maximus (the head of the church) as well as an emperor. In addition, and after him, there have been countless of power-hungry and domineering rulers, priests and clergy in all sorts of states/religions who unfortunately have contributed to the condemnation of sexual behavior that has been completely normal from the dawn.

CONCLUSION: If you’re normal; you like, have and use fetishes. If you don’t know what your fetishes are, please start exploring to see what turns you on sexually making you horny. If you love seeing/playing with Boys in Converse, please enjoy it to the fullest, get completely satisfied, having the very best sex life ever.