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Thanks for visiting Afghanistan Page. This where you can learn authentic information about Afghanistan a landlocked and mountainous country located in the heart of South Central Asia with the history of over 5,000 years.

I am sure most people are familiar with the name of Afghanistan but not familiar with the Afghan culture, Afghanistan history, Afghanistan food and hospitality.

In this Page you will get the accurate information about Afghanistan culture and customs, Afghanistan religion, Afghanistan government, Afghan people, authentic Afghan food recipes, Afghanistan sports including the traditional game of Buzkashi and Kite flying.

This Page also gives you information about culture and tradition of clothing, or clothes, including traditional Afghan clothes. You can also find information about Media and Communications, local transportation, entertainments including, Arts and Crafts and much more.

In this informational Page, I am trying to provide the accurate information about the region to my visitors based on my knowledge and experience of growing up in my country Afghanistan which has a rich culture, heritage, and was a peaceful land once upon a time.

I strongly encourage you to take the time and check out your Page frequently for updated and interesting information about my destroyed and invaded homeland Afghanistan.

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