Costco Crunchies of Sioux Falls

Since so many of us across the many local groups love Costco and post frequently about it, I decided to start a group just for Costco chat. Post and discuss about current and upcoming deals, products you love and hate, shopping experiences, samples you’ve tried and of course help your fellow Costco buddies to know when they are running low on our favorite crunchy staples such COCONUT OIL.

Also this is great place to let others know when you will be at Costco, so we can meet-up, perhaps pick up stuff for friends who are home bound or take a non-member on a tour or shopping trip.
As an admin I promise more than just the simple oversight of the group. With 20+ years retail experience and 4 years of management I promise to be our group’s ambassador. That’s right I will make inquiries, phone calls and write emails to our local store and corporate if need be if there are products we want or products we love that run out. While I can’t make any promises to achieve any specific goals, I can promise to do my best using my knowledge of the inner workings of the retail world to get our concerns addressed.