You're Probably From Jamaica, Queens if...

You’re probably from Jamaica, Queens if…

You have to walk 5 blocks to go the “corner” store.

You either shop at the Coliseum or Green Acres Mall

You have to go Manhattan or Brooklyn for night life.

The only White People you know live in Queens Village, Brairwood, or Rosedale

You eat at Golden Krust or Jamaican Flavors

Your bus stop is next to an abandoned warehouse or a parking lot.

You don’t go to Campus Magnet, you go to “Andrew Jackson”

You don’t live in Springfield Gardens you live in “Laurelton”.

You cursed out the Q5 bus at least once.

You know what a “CityTicket” is

You know someone who works at JFK

You know somebody who “knew” Sean Bell or 50 Cent.

You don’t know where your post office is.

There’s a fried chicken place at every major intersection

You only take J train because the E doesn’t go to Brooklyn.

You only take the LIRR on the weekends.

You never claim Far Rockaway.

Everyone who’s not from Southside claims to live in the “nice” part of Jamaica.

You use Hollis and Queens Village interchangebly.

You’re local supermarket plays HOT 97 or Kiss FM.

You don’t know why 40 projects is named 40 projects.

You get offended when you’re mail says “Jamaica, NY” instead of your actual neighborhood.