Kellogg 2013- San Francisco

Hey everyone, As some of you know I'll be moving to SF in a couple of weeks to start a new role with IDEOorg. With that in mind, I'm looking for a place to live. If any of you have housemates moving out, are looking to lease a place yourselves, or know of someone looking for a housemate, I would appreciate if you could forward them this note and my contact details. What I'm looking for: knowing relatively little about individual SF neighborhoods other than the fact that I'm excited to explore them, my only real requirements are a quite spot, close to a decent grocery store, some bars, cafés, restaurants, and within a reasonable commute to IDEO's office under the bay bridge. The only no goes for me are super fratty neighborhoods and housemates who like to bring the party home. Gone are those days, I'm afraid. I'll be traveling internationally about 50% of the time and for stretches of 3-4 weeks so will realistically not be home very often. I've lived at various times alone, with friends, with strangers, and with family and all of those people are still speaking with me... Also, I cook. Pretty damn well. If anyone can help me out, it would be much appreciated!! I hope to see you all soon. John