Clackamas Claim Jumper ( Hot schedules, shift exchange, ect)

This is a closed group for members of the Clackamas Claim Jumper family to post about CJ related items (schedule conflicts, shift exchanges, shifts up for grabs, ect.) without having to confuse, stress out or involve mgmt during the entirety of exchanging shifts or trying to find someone to pick up. THIS PAGE DOES NOT take the place of putting things in the book and having them approved by management. It just eases the process and gives us Claim Jumper family a place to communicate and coordinate outside of work :) Just to clarify... Once you finalize something on here, make sure to call or put it in the book asap.

Also, please add any claim jumper employees to this group that you don't see on the members list so we can maximize the results of this awesome resource. Thanks! Enjoy! :)