Florence Nightingale Nursing College,Butwal-15,Jitgadhi

If Today A Girl Loses Her Virginity
With A Guy She Loves Truly But The
Guy Turns Out To Be A Cheat Then
She Is Tagged As A “Slut”/
“Characterless Girl”.
I Ask What Is The Mistake Of The Girl? She Loved A Guy? She Slept With
Someone She Thought She Would
Marry? She Has Now Lost Her Purity Which
Would Satisfy Her To-Be Husband’s
Male Ego And Make Him Believe That
She Is Fit To Be His Wife!
I Wonder How Can A Biological Wall In
The Girl’s Body By Breaking Decide
The Level Of Her Morals? Girls Also Belong To The Globalized
World, Interacts With The Opposite
Sex, Loves, Has Break Ups,
Overcomes Them And Smiles Again
And No One Has A Right To Tag Them
Any Thing For That Reason..... But If A Girl Looses Her Virginity
Doesn't Mean She Wont Be A Good Or
A Perfect Wife In Future... So If you Go Looking For A Girl For
Marriage, Search For A True Heart
And Not Something Like “Pure Ghee”,
Because She's Gonna Be your Life
Partner And Not your Meal To Satisfy your
Hunger Of Ego.!!