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New Regulation
By Lim Hok, May 09, 2014 at 9:09pm
- Send your OWN Photos...
- Do not tag and make album to fill the not fair for other member who upload more difficultly.
- Dont link with other media like photostream , you tube and etc...eccept only in in the top with name location.!!!!

- Send your photo one by one and give the name of location. will remove the copycat photos.
- Do not send your photo 2 or more in same object....will be remove!!!!!

- Do not send the part of theme as a subject like adul or 18+ photos activity,...!!!!will be remove
- Do not make group....

- Give watermark if you worry someone stole you photos...!!!!

-Thank you for your ist for own good and other member....!!

- Only 3 photos per/ in one day .

- The Adm will be remove old maintaince this group....until the limit is over...
Thank you,...Adm