Organizing for the ASD/ADHD Mind Discussion Group

This group is a discussion group for members of the Organizing for the ASD/ADHD Mind Page. Welcome!

Once upon a time, there lived a woman named Susanne who was frustrated as heck that things always seemed to get out from under her grip.

Organization seemed much like grabbing a hold of a bar of soap under water: it eluded her constantly. Difficulty with breaking large tasks into smaller ones, starting projects, completing projects and stick-to-it-ness was an incredible hurdle to cross.

She decided that enough was enough. And that, with support of her Aspie/Autie/ADHD friends, she could find a way through the struggles.

She would then, create a system that not only addressed her needs, but would allow other persons with Autistic Spectrum Disorders or ADHD to find a way to wrestle themselves out of chronic disorganization by creating systems designed for this special segment of the population.

Ironically, she found there were people on the Spectrum who were direct opposites of her. The chronic list-makers, organizers, and catalogers. And with that, she came up with the idea to create this page.

She embarked the journey with Porthos - played by Amy Kalabsa-Garcia and Aramis - played by Jennifer McClain Irving.

This page is dedicated to all AS/ASD/ADHD people who struggle to get their acts together and those who are naturally gifted in organization and have the information, knowledge and willingness to share it with others.

This page is a gentle, peaceful place that has no room for criticism or harsh words. Please be respectful of all those who are on this page by recognizing that we all start in different places, at differing levels of disorganization and may have differing needs to create a system that works for us.

Welcome aboard! Help is underway :)