Ashford Buy & Sell for Mummys and Local Businesses

A group for local people to buy and sell new and used items suitable for children upto the age of 16.

No household items or furniture or clothes etc please unless suitable for child use... will delete items that don't fit this criteria without warning. Lots of other sites we can recommend for selling these items :)

I believe that everyone is an adult on here and is capable of acting like one so few rules should be needed...

Have to state the obvious of no illegal items to be sold, no knives or pornography, and no animal sales/advertising.

Please add a price and location for the ease of buyers, it will only increase your chance of having a successful sale! :)

Try and delete your old posts when sold, or at least write on sold so Admin can delete them, make it all run smoother.

Businesses are more than welcome to advertise related products on here, if not local then postage options must be stated please.

Please respect each other and the site, all here for the same thing - to provide for our families the best way we can :)

Enjoy xx