Central Ohio Subarus

Rules for Central Ohio Subarus Group
This group is a focused on the Central Ohio Subaru (COS) community. We are a family oriented Subaru owners club. The COS group was founded in 2001, & is run by Trish Halterman (admin) & Nathan Halterman (Forum Admin)
There are some important ground rules that must be followed in order to join this group.
1. You must agree to the rules.
Please read through these rules & agree to them, in a comment. No one is allowed it edit this document.
Admins must be able to comment/moderate your posts.
2. Positive Attitudes Are Required!
Negativity of any sort will not be tolerated. This includes talking down to people because they are just starting out, or because their car isn’t as good as yours, or any of that stuff will be grounds for removal from the group. No trash talking of other owners is allowed. Basically, act with respect & wisdom in all you post.
3. No Unsolicited Critique- I will not explain this. Be adults.
4. Participation: Give & Take - Comment! Ask Questions; bring useful information with links to back up what you are discussing! We are all here to help each other. Be a friend.
We also encourage you to be a part of the forums. There is a world if information there as well.
5. Promotional Guidelines & Vendor Recommendation Rules
All vendors must contact the admin Trish Halterman to post vendor items. (If it is obvious you work for a company & ignore this rule, you will be removed from the group)
Vendors help us to pay for website hosting, events, & swag for the group.
ALL vendors are subject to the admins discretion, the membership is WHY you are in business, if you treat them badly, we will re-address your sponsorship. Please try to handle all relationships in a business manner.
We have very reasonable rates, just ask!
6. Privacy
What is shared in the group stays in the group. Sharing or re-posting content from this group in other places (including but not limited to emails, forums, & blogs) is not allowed unless the post expressly states that it may be shared. However, promotions & links posted to the group that fit the guidelines above may be shared freely.
Please feel free to invite your friends to the group, however all members will be approved by the admin
7. For the Rule-Breakers
While we reserve the right to ban a user without notice or warning at our discretion for blatant disregard to the rules above, in most cases you will receive one warning & your post will be deleted before being banned from the group.
“ignoring” the admin will result in removal from the group.
8. Report a Member or a Post
To report a member or a post that breaks the rules above, please email Trish Halterman at admin@centralohiosubarus.com with a link to the direct post & with an explanation of how this breaks the rules above. You must also provide your Facebook user name from the group & your email address so I can contact you with any follow up questions.