American Samoa - Buy, Sell, Trade, or Free

This is an online local community page for residents of Tutuila, American Samoa to buy, sell, trade or give to others on this island. Feel free to post any item you have for sale, want to trade, are looking for, or want to just give away! Be safe and meet in a very public place, and let someone know you are meeting up.

*****ALL Posts MUST HAVE Price and Location. Posts that do not have a price and location will be removed without warning.

*****FIRST person to COMMENT that they are interested on the item gets "first dibs". Comments asking questions does not necessarily mean that you are interested in buying it, so please remember to put that you are interested!

******Private messages without commenting on items WILL NOT be honored!! To keep the fairness and respect of others in the group, please do not private message the seller unless you have commented that you are interested and are private messaging to arrange pick up. Please remember, this is a community page and we want to respect and be fair to others in the group.

**The page and it's owner has no authority over what transpires between buyers and sellers. I am not responsible for any transaction that takes place between buyer and seller. I hold no responsibility of items, price, or problems that may arise using this wall.