Georgia Outdoor Trader

The Rules (May be subject to change from time to time) Items must be outdoor related. No clothing or electronics unless they are used for hunting or outdoor sports. If your item is deleted, it is most likely due to this reason. Listing unqualified items to trade for outdoor related items is not permitted. 1. Posts must contain either a price or a specific item to be traded for as well as the location for of the seller.
2. No complaining or calling out of anyone due to the price they have an item listed. MOVE ON to the next listing if you don't like it.
3. Spammers will be removed.
4. No posting links to other sights such as Craigslist, Gunbroker, ect.
5. Businesses are allowed one post per day. No more than three outdoor items in that one post.
6. Create an album to place all your items in when posting. Do not create a new post to show more pictures.
7. Do not post an item more than once per day. DELETE your item once it has sold.