Albany/Lebanon $5 and Under!

Welcome to the ALbany/Lebanon $5 and under group!

I created this group so that people can get there things sold fast and cheap!!!

I do have a few rules that I will expect to be followed so that everyone has a good time buying and selling :)

1.Please do not post anything over $5

2. The item must go to the first who comments on it UNLESS it otherwise says FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!

3. Please post sizes and price either on the photo or leave a comment below it.

4. Please be respectful if you have any problems with anything write one of the ADMINS and we will try to resolve the problem within 24 hours.

5.You are allowed to post as many things in a day as you want all we ask is that if you have more than 15-20 please create an album just out of respect for others.

6.Trading is allowed.

7.please inform buyers if there is something wrong with the item before they buy it (rips, stains, broekn parts ect).

8.NO ADVERTISING unless it is for business such as babysitting, house cleaning, and so on but, discuss pricing in person.