Household Items For Sale in Llandudno & Surrounding Areas

Welcome to the Household items group. Before using this page, please be aware of the rules:
1: This is for HOUSEHOLD ITEMS ONLY, eg. furniture, ornaments, room accessories, household business advertising (eg. window cleaner, carpet fitter).
DO NOT POST: Clothes, handbags, shoes, jewellery, pets, cars/car accessories, toys, prams or non-related business advertising (e.g avon, ann summers, cash loans). There is a link in files with alternate selling sites options.

2: DELETE SOLD / OLD PHOTOS, or write on the item "DELETE" and admin will do it for you.

3: BUMP your item once a day ONLY, uploading counts as one, so please wait until the next day to bump again. 10 items are allowed each time only.

4: DO NOT DUPLICATE PHOTOS- UPLOAD ONCE ONLY. If you cannot find your photo, please ask on the wall and someone will bump it for you. Constant rule breakers will be deleted.

5: CREATE AN ALBUM if possible, if you are selling more than 10 items.

6: SELLERS - It is your responsibility to ensure your item is sellable and that your description is accurate and correct.
BUYERS - Items bought are sold as seen, make sure you check it before you buy, if your not happy then DO NOT BUY IT.

Admin cannot get involved with any disputes or disagreements. It is your responsibility so BUYER BEWARE.

7: Please respect the site and all the members, please DO NOT swear or quarrel on the wall, DO NOT be abusive/offensive/rude and DO NOT rip people off.
Only comment on an item if your are genuinely interested in buying it. Inbox admin if you have any concerns over an item.

8: Due to the increase in selling pages being created, please ask permission before you advertise your page on this wall otherwise it will be deleted.

9: Any constant rule breakers will be deleted and banned without notification.

10: Do NOT sell items on here that you have recieved from FREE SITES or anywhere else for FREE. Its the same principal as ripping our members off.
Also, do not sell an item on this site for a higher price, that you have bought off this site.

11: Only ask for an item if you genuinely want to buy it. If you cannot collect as agreed, please inform the buyer at your earliest opportunity, its just common courtesy.

12: Inboxing sales are not allowed on here. A sale agreement must be done on the wall, Inboxing negotiations/ collection arrangements can be done after sale agreement has been made. If you are advertising on multiple selling groups, please state this in your post.

13: Please add a location and price on your items otherwise your post will be deleted. It is ok to say (for eg;) "offers around £10" or "£10 open to offers" or "£10 Ono". As long as you state your price it will be accepted on the wall.

14: If you need to contact admin, please tag Jaylush Dee, Beccy Barton, Sharon Kearney, Lorraine Jones on the wall.
Thankyou, enjoy the site :)