Extreme Couponing Lebanon PA

Hi, Members!! Welcome to Extreme Couponing. We are so glad you are here to learn and save with us! This is a closed group for Lebanon, PA & Surrounding Areas. This group is to share tips, coupons, store sales (make sure you put the store name/address and what is on sale/prices etc.) You can post what you like as long as it's about Couponing or anything to save money, etc. You may also post recalls for food or anything you can use a coupon for. this group is FREE to Everyone & nothing is to be sold on here. Remember this group is all FREE and its to help others out to save money for them and there families. Thank You.

#1. NO selling of coupons at all!

#2. The misuse of coupons will NOT be tolerated! This gives Couponers a bad name & this is NOT what this site is for!

#3. Only post the transactions you make yourself, NOT transactions from other groups or people you know!

#4. Coupons are to be traded & Not sold. If you are to trade coupons, make sure you follow through & NO Expired coupons.. this group is to help others to save money on food, etc.

#5. When posting your couponing transactions, PLEASE put the store, what you got, the coupons you used & how you used them!

#6. Please remember when you post up an ISO and someone has what you are looking for and you are willing to trade remember to honor that and hold until you meet remember you will get removed from doing this.

#7. when asking for help make sure you do NOT Sell the items you get, this group is to help people out who are in need and NOT GREED, this aint right to others who are in need. if i fine out you are lying or selling items that people are giving you free and giving you coupons to get the freebies and re-selling them, i will remove/ban you from the group.

I hope you all like the new Group and Welcome!! Happy Savings Everyone!!!