Arizona Cardinals Fans - Arizoniacs

This group is set up to discuss Cardinals Football. All of us follow football on many levels, but at the end of the day we are all on the same team.

This group is for intelligent Cardinals talk, so keep it classy, have fun, and invite your fellow birdgang members.

A few things to keep in mind.
1. This is NOT a trash talking group. Do NOT use weird phonetic font (proper grammar is appreciated and encouraged) and those awkwardly cute names for other teams in other groups. Also avoid posting in ALL CAPS. Cussing and name calling will get you banned.
2. We are all adults and are expected to post in that manner, so keep it clean.
3. Please refrain from posting randomly, one liners and photos just clog up the wall and will be removed.
4. If you are posting a solicitation of any sort it must be approved by the admins or it will be marked as spam, removed, and you will be banned, no questions asked.

I realize to some people this may seem like I'm taking all the fun out of the page. The goal is to talk Cardinals, educate other fans, and have a good time doing it.