You Know You are From New Waterford When....

This is a group to list unique things about New Waterford....that only people from there would understand. I'll start it can post others on the wall and I'll add them to the list. Let's have a laugh and see how many we can put together.

You know you are from New Waterford when.....

1. You dont panic when you hear an air raid siren blowing in the evening.

2. You know where to go to find Plywood Avenue.

3. You know how to shoot the drag

4. You recognize people/places such as Glennie Marsh, Mousie, House of Plenty, Billy Copeland's store, Crib's Bookstore, Strand Corner, Jake's, Wishie Washie...."

5. You know what the New Bridge is even though it's over 40 years since it was built ( or is it 20 years? members are currently arguing over this :)).

6. You know what 12, 14 and 16 mean, and where they are.

7. You know they are PIT socks not work socks.

8. The fire whistle tells you it's 8:30 pm.

9. You know that Dickie Mason's and Ma MacVicar's were the best places to shop.

10.You want to go for a walk you say...You're Walking the Loop!!

11. You've partied up Hell.

12. You've been told at least once that:
Yooooooool be all right!

13. You had to put Sobeys bags in your boots in the winter so your feet wouldn't get wet.

14. SANTA drives around on a fire truck to wish you a merry christmas ( even though he gets pelted with snowballs :( )

15. You understand when someone says: "Hey, you want to go swimming at "King's Rock???

16. You know where the deer statue stands that repeatedly gets its head knocked off.

17. You know what a pizza burger is.

18. You can order a Combination Pizza and they know what to put on it!!!

19. As a kid you can't wait to leave... when you're grown up you can't wait to get back.........

20. You know that if you gotta go get your "stamps" you're not going to the post office.

21. You know a family by their nick in What MacKenzies are you??

22. WAT'S YER FADDER'S NAME????..self explanatory :)

23. You can buy single cigarettes at the corner store...or 3 for 1$.

24. You know where the swinging tit is.

25. You remember going to Jakes on a Sunday afternoon for pop & chips.

26. You know what 'Pogey' is.

27. You've heard the question "Who own's you?" more than 100 times.

28. You know how to play tarabish and played many a hand on your free periods at BEC.

29.The closest thing to a traffic jam you've ever seen is when Bingo ended at the Army & Navy.

30.You remember when it cost 5 cents to go to a matinee on Saturday afternoon

31. You could go to the any candy store and ask for Krim- Ko and they knew you wanted chocolate milk.

32. Most people you know have nick names.

33. You remember strolling down plummer Ave on Sun. afternoon with your hat and gloves on going to Jakes for ice cream.

34. You can see somebody "gumbootin' 'er" down the road.

35. You remember going to muises for kielbassa & cheese.

36.You hear people say "That's a Sin" or you use the word bif as in 'oh ma gad bye, he like biffed that at my face".

37. You tell people to "frigg off!

38. You've drank up behind the rink in the middle of winter before going to a BEC dance, and had Captain Morgan saved you from frostbite!

39. You've heard of eyeball avenue.

40. You know getting invited to go behind the rink meant you would be not visible from the windows at BEC and someone was getting their face "pucked off".

41. You fondly remember the lunch counter at Woolworth's.

42. You walked Plummer Avenue in the middle of a blistering snow storm, or sat on the steps at the old post office just to see "who's out."

43. You knew you grew up with the kindest, most warm people anywhere.

44. You keep coming back to the " you know you are from New Waterford When..." group :)

45. You know the sound of the firetruck means everyone get in their car and follow it. somethings goin on!

46. You know what a juice bag is.

47. You know who Donnie at the post office was.

48. You know the whole town will be at BEC watching the Coal Bowl.