Ecuador or Bust

Welcome to our dinner party where everyone is talking about Ecuador! This group is a collection of friends, who come from different parts of the world but are all interested in learning more about moving to Ecuador, or sharing their experiences about life on the equator. Like any good party, our guests are diverse, and for that, we respect each other. And like any guest hoping to be invited again, we don’t judge others based on anything that makes them different than us…..whether it is skin color, sexual orientation, gender, or income. Let’s face it, we also don’t want to mingle with the guy trying to sell us insurance… if you try to sell a product or service to our group, and you are not an active member who adds helpful content, you will be politely shown the door. Do you want to be that ‘crazy person’ in the corner spewing biblical rants, warnings of Armageddon, conspiracy theories or political diatribes? Nah, I didn't think so, so please don’t do it here. Like any good host, I will make sure that no one spoils the experience and spirit of the party with bad behavior. Be patient with me, as occasionally a party pooper escapes my radar at the front door, but I will get my burly security guys to handle it, if you drop me a quiet PM. While others mingle I will serve h’ordeurves in the form of pictures, thoughts, and experiences, and hope you will share your food for thought too so that we can keep this group lively. We are a safe gathering where we want you to pull up a chair, grab a glass of wine, or hot cup of tea, and read, explore, learn and ask questions, and when you’re ready to turn in for the night, we want you to feel relaxed, informed and invigorated….and most of all, looking forward to popping your head in the door the next time you want to chat.
Welcome to Ecuador or Bust, the dinner party about Ecuador!