Yesterday's news....Today's business

This site will be used for selling gently used children's clothing, women's clothing, men's clothing, furniture(used, free, antique, ect)...You can sell other items as well.
You can buy, sell, or trade anything you wish as long as the items being sold, traded or otherwise are legal. Please do not post items that have been recalled. Please do not sell formula, baby food, or food related products unless they are holiday related gift items.
Try to post photos to albums, in some cases this may not be possible.
Please delete your post once you have sold the item, this will prevent clogging up the group page.
Please do what you say you will do when making arrangements with others, this is a very important detail.
If someone is repeatedly doing things to upset others they will be deleted.
Please enjoy:) Any questions can be forwarded to the Admin of this site. Please allow time if messaging the Admin.....I work a regular job and will do the best I can to address any concerns....