Nigerian hot jokes institute.

Nigerian hot jokes institute is a gruop that nurtures a good sense of humour among its members.also educates on social matters.
all post should be in a clear language.if posted in a native language,must be interpreted for the edification of everyone.
lewed words,nudic pictures strickly not allowed.any second offender will be removed without prior notice.
jion and add ur friends cos the more the merrier.
NHJI is a group that offer her members a chance of becoming the groups admin,based on their activities on the group page.that is their posts,comments and likes.the more u post and comment and like peoples post,the more u stand a chance of becoming the gruops new admin.
The gruops admin will be incharge of approving membership jion request and surveying of post etc.
The central admin that is permenant admin who is presenly #eddymuphy together with other two selected admin whom will be exchaged after "6" months will lead the gruop.

Feel free..........