4 Sale:Cleveland TN NO Drama/NO Animals/NO business advertisements.

For sale items. NO JUNK. NO ANIMALS. NO BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENTS. No one under 18. NO ASKING FOR ITEMS TO RESALE/HAUL OFF. THIS IS NOT AN ISO PAGE to make a living off of. Keep it clean or be deleted.
Please delete your items once sold. Bumping only allowed every 24 hours. Please post multiple items in 1 post to keep from clogging up page.
Please post size, description, price on each pic. Do not ask that someone PM you for info. Be fair. This is not Ebay. Post a price. No OBO or Make Offer. No "PM me if interested" POST PRICE.
Saying WANT/INTERESTED is how someone can claim and item, then please start saying "IN LINE" if the first person doesnt take it, it should go down the line. Please make sure you post accurate info so people can say WANT/INTERESTED without having to ask info.
If you don't follow rules, you will be deleted. Please notify if people no show and they will be deleted.
Please be from Cleveland or willing to meet in Cleveland.
Happy buying/selling!